'The Circus

              With a Purpose'

​Bertini Family

Olexandr Kurtukov

Igor as an Artistic Director performed: Russian Bar, Acrobat - Eccentric, Acrobat-Voltijors, Comedy Acrobatics, Rag Doll,Hand to Hand, Balance on Rola-Bola, Juggling Duo. Igor and Tatiana met in Ukraine.Besides the acrobatics act they createted juggling duo act.In 1993 son George was born.George started to practice circus skills at 3 years old. Currently performing with family in variety circus acts.

Viktoria​ Grimmy

​Ana Kov​al

Olessya hails from beautiful Kazakhstan.   Kurgayeva attended the prestigious Moscow Circus School.  The school has the reputation of the world's best. In Olessya's illustrious 20-year career, she has wowed audiences in Russia, China, Japan, and the U.S.Olessya's grace, elegance and superior athleticism, made her the shining star in her three-year performance in Cirque Hawaii.Her 20-year association with the show's producer, Cornell "Tuffy" Nicholas, has proven to be successful in providing top-notch entertainment for countless audiences. Olessya is a seasoned performer and highly skilled Equilibrist, Trapeze Artist, Silk and Aerial Lyria.
Susanna Walczak­Pol is SeaFire. An island girl from Maui, Hawaii, shehas been so blessed to grow up in paradise. With bellydance andmartial arts as her foundation, she pulls from a wide variety of dancestyles (ballet, balinese, hawaiian, tahitian, maori) to create a trulyunique performance. With six years of experience performing, Through this ancient connection to Pele she strives to bringenlightenment and inspiration through sacred dance to the planet.

Aristov Family

Mongolian Angels

Olena is world re-known for her high speed, high energy, hula-hoop twirling abilities. In fact, during a recent tour in Canada the media dabbed her as the Ukrainian tornado. Both beautiful and graceful. Olena is guaranteed  to shock the audience with her very own invention, “THE HUMAN SLINKY”. THIS FINALE PERFORMANCE FEATURES A RAINBOW of twirling hoola-hoops. Olena has performed for fairs, circuses, night clubs, casinos,  NBA half-time shows, stage shows, and for many live television events.

'Davangie' ​​David & Angela Saucedo

Viktoria Grimmy is a fifth-generation circus performer with her families show, 'The Grimmy Family Circus.' They strive directly from Russia and their show experience began with trick riding on horses. Viktoria's contortion act with the Moscow International Circus is completely mind-blowing.

Olessya Kurgayeva

Olex is a 2nd generation performer who started his professional clowning career in 1988 for the Moscow State Circus, in Russia. He is nationally recognized for his diverse talent in physical comedy. His disciplines include but are not limited to:  juggling, acrobatics, cigar boxes, musical eccentric-al, hand balancing, and his own invention “the bouncing ballerina”. Olex is extremely versatile and his characters include: an American face clown, a mime, a European style clown, and many more. Olex has  performed for fairs, circuses, night clubs, casinos,  NBA half-time shows, stage shows, and for many live television events.

'Davangie Performance Arts' was founded through the passion and dedication of husband and wife team, Angela and David Saucedo. The multi talented duo specialize in performing awe inspiring aerial duets, acrobatic adagio dance, and heart pumping martial arts to delight and astound audiences around the world! 
Suspended high in the air, David and Angela mix passion with extraordinary strength and elegance to inspire and uplift! Enjoy the imaginative choreography as they fly, float, wrap, and free fall on a shimmering piece of fabric, or spin fast on a spherical steel apparatus without a safety harness or net! An aerial performer knows that death is only as far as the limits of their own sheer physical strength. This is the beautiful yet dangerous art of aerial acrobatics. 
Aerialists perhaps more than any other, represent the magic of performance entertainment, where lines of reality and fantasy become blurred.

Jordan Segundo is a professional singer, actor, and on-camera host. His passion for performing began at a very young age; competing in numerous talent competitions, participating in Musical Theater, and performing at various functions and events. It was in those early years of performing that Jordan realized his dreams of becoming a professional entertainer.

Then in 2003, as a senior in High School, Jordan achieved national recognition in the most popular television show of the year - “American Idol”. Seventy-Five Thousand singers from across the nation auditioned in 2003 and Jordan was the First Singer from Hawaii selected as a Top 32 Semi-Finalist in Season Two, making him a household name in Hawaii.​
Susanna Walczak-Pol

Olena Deshko

Ana Koval hails from beautiful Brazil, and is a highly skilled aerialist.   Her specialty is hair hanging e.g hanging by her hair and performing acrobatic feats.  

Hair hanging is consider an art in the circus performance arena.  The art has unique challenges whereas only a small minority of performers can successfully achieve this act without injury.

Although hanging by the hair and performing acrobatics may seem intense, on the contrary, watching an expert perform this act is very entertaining.

Ana's unique skills and performance has enabled her to travel around the world.  She has performed for many years with the Moscow International Circus. 

Oyungerel Davaatseren
Ms. Oyungerel Davaatseren, just recently finished a triumph performance in Canada, performing a "Duo Trapeze Kids Show" with Cirque De Solei.  Oyungerel has traveled the world performing for countless audiences.  She started in 1991 with the Mongolian State Circus.  She is multi-talented and a virtuoso in teeter board, hand voltage, and trapeze acts.  Oyungerel and the shows' producer Cornell ""Tuffy" Nicholas, have been working together for many years, and still enjoy bringing the best entertainment on the planet to excited audiences.  

Dayaasuren Altantsetseg
Ms. Dayaasuren Altantsetseg's career spans over 20 years, with performances around the globe.  She performed troupe acrobats with the Mongolia State Circus, teeter board, group juggling, hand voltage routines and trapeze, in France, China, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, and throughout the U.S.  Other noteworthy talents include incline motorcycle stunt shows.  Dayaasuren performed with the Moscow International Circus on the shows' West Coast Tour.  Her longtime professional relationship with the shows' producer Cornell "Tuffy" Nicholas, has proven to be very successful.

The world renowned Bertini Family, are well known for their unique balancing agility, pyramids and acrobats atop their high unicycles.  The Bertini's are internationally famous in Europe, as well as here in the United States. They were recently inducted into the Ring of Fame in Sarasota, Florida. Vlastek Bertini and his wife, Kim Sue, continue in the sixth generation, performing with their son Vincent and their daughter, Violet. These younger Bertinis are representing the seventh generation of circus performers in the Bertini family.

Jordan Segundo